Most Common Types Security Guards

There are several types of security guards. An internal security guard is one who works within a company. They are usually employed by companies or individuals. They are mostly employed in private homes. They can be hired to look after a home while their owners go on vacation.

Public Protection Officers is also the most common types of security guards as they work for both the government and private businesses. Public protection officers are responsible to protect the public from violence, such as vandalism, crime, and public drunkenness. Guard detail jobs may include guarding the grounds of banks or other financial institutions or the entrances to shopping malls or public buildings. These public protection officers can also be employed as private security guards. They might be asked to protect personal property, such as money, if someone enters a building.

Armed security guards are another popular type of security guard.

They are used in most US counties. They are also referred to as guards, plainclothes, or tactical security guards. An armed guard is one who is professionally trained to act in a threatening or violent manner. They are not allowed to carry guns unless they are commissioned to do so. While most counties allow guards to carry a Taser and stun gun, they are not allowed to use them in public places.

Another most common type of guard is the unarmed security guard. Unarmed security guards are not permitted to carry guns legally, but they can use physical force to protect themselves or others. These guards are often referred to as “peace officers” and “security officers”. The most common types of jobs for unarmed security guards are banks, hospitals, and airports.

most common types of security guards

Paralegal security guards are a type that works directly with lawyers.

They are generally called in to secure areas where clients are being represented and to assist with legal proceedings. In most states, paralegals need a license and certification to work as security guards. This is because they are considered to be personnel professionals and have a duty to protect others. This is a more common job for those working in the courtroom system as well as private firms.

Rehab centers often employ drug detoxification (DET), guards to assist patients with substance abuse problems. Detoxification is necessary as patients try to free themselves of substances such as alcohol, drugs, and other substances of abuse. You can detox in many ways, including through counseling and exercise. If law enforcement is putting great pressure on the facility to get people off their property, a security guard may be sent to manage the detox process. Although both types of guards are often employed by security companies, there are times when they are separate organizations.

Bars and restaurants use Alcohol Deterrents to make sure that patrons don’t drink in unsafe environments. ADCs are not required by every state, but many cities and counties require them. Many of these establishments prefer to employ security guards trained in AEDs because it’s less likely that someone will attempt to use an AED on an unarmed security guard while intoxicated. Although firefighters and law enforcement officers are trained in AEDs, they do not often go to hospitals unless there are safety concerns. It is also generally easier to apprehend someone with a gun or knife than it is to apprehend someone who has AEDs.

Businesses and individuals can employ private security guards. Private businesses are the most common users of these security guards to protect their business owners from theft. For security purposes, guards might be hired by the government to guard public buildings and government sites. They are required at airports, bus stations, banks, and other public places. They may also be needed on luxury yachts. Security guards are most commonly employed by businesses, but they may also be hired by corporations.